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Argentina Win 2015 World Championships!!!

Argentina beat Spain 6-1 in the final

Australia Day Cup 2013

Monday, January 7, 2013

All World invited for Australia Day Cup

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"From 25th to 28th January Victoria Roller Sports Federation, invite all roller hockey lovers, from Australia, New Zealand, Asia and all over the world to play roller hockey in the tournament Australia Day Cup. In the last years the roller hockey in Australia has reached a critical point, with lack of clubs, new young players and competition. To change this panorama this championship appears has a New Day in Australian Roller Hockey.

Skate Victoria Inc. is sponsoring the Australia Day Cup in January 2013 which will take place in the City of Dandenong, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. SV is attempting to refresh Roller Hockey in Victoria and Australia by inviting more participation from past and new athletes to enjoy this beautiful sport. SV is attempting to have the Australia Day Cup open to any club in the Asia-Pacific rim or the World as it would be a great effort from foreign countries to attend and participate."

Victorino Rodrigues
Skate Victoria Inc.

Groups already arranged 

Group A
Mordialloc 2 (VIC)
Stafford 1 (QLD)
Dandenong (VIC)
Lisport (VIC)
Melbourne (VIC)

Group B
Stafford 2 (QLD)
Figjam (NZ)
Mordialloc 1 (VIC)
Skateabout (QLD)
Warrnambool (VIC)

As we know Australia and New Zealand didn't participate in last B Men's World Cup or Women's World Cup. 
Rolling Together hopes that all roller hockey community can help to avoid the critical point that our sport reached in Oceania, and both national federations from this country can create an urgent plan to promote roller hockey among kids (see Israel development plan example).

Roller Hockey on CNN

This is not April Fools' Day, it's totally TRUE and AMAZING!!
Today the biggest Worldwide TV channel, CNN, is presenting a TV documentary about our Great and unique sport. And this is possible due to our Star player Pedro Gil!
You can read the report at:

and watch the video at:

Please do both things and press "like" button, share through your friends, comments on CNN, do as much as possible to show CNN that this sport deserve more attention, although it is a small sport. 

If FIRS doesn't promote our Sport must be the fans to do it!! Together we can reach our Goals!!!

Rolling Together Post at:

Results of 2012 FIRS Roller Hockey B World Cup

Rink Hockey NZ doesn't ensure that all info is correct


Results and Classification of 2012 FIRS B World Cup in Canelones

Twitter Official Page

Facebook Group of the Competition

Radio Señales website

For the first time ever the B World Cup will be totally broadcasted, through the local radio Señales with Spanish comments of our Amigos Carlo Albanese and Ricardo Infante, so there are no excuses to not see roller hockey next days!!! Also the Antel website will broadcast on WebTV all the matches of Uruguay.

To know more about the competition, matches and time, consult all the websites and facebook pages available. Official Website Twitter Official Page Facebook Group of the Competition Facebook Official page of the Competition Radio Señales website
World Cup webpage on Wikipedia 
Photos of the World cup Website of TV Antel

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Politics Killing Roller Hockey Now in Argentina

Once again politic and politics appears as the Devil in our sport. Moreover the example from Mexico, now it's time to conflicts in Argentina's roller hockey. As many fans know roller hockey is more famous in Cuyo region of Argentina, including two provinces of San Juan and Mendonza. Thus after some problems, that Rolling Together doesn't want to detail because is a real Novel, some San Juan people created a new Argentinean organism for roller hockey, named Argentina Roller Hockey Federation (FAHP), representing only this two provinces. Although the Argentina Roller Sports Confederation (CAP) didn't agree with such act and ask to FIRS to not official this new organism. So since the creation of this new federation CAP only represents clubs from the other provinces, Buenos Aires, Entre Rios and Cordoba. Until now the things are very hot between two sides and seems like babies discussions, communicates from one side to other side.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Roller Hockey the Unique Roller Sport not present in 2013 World Games

Roller Hockey will not be played in 2013 World Games of Cali
During last month the discussion concerning the presence of roller hockey in Olympic Games took place. Why such beautiful sport is not included since 1992?
Well, one of the requirements of each sport that wants to be part of Olympic Games, is the inclusion in World Games. This competition was created to give an opportunity to all sports that want to be "Real Olympics".
The next edition will take place next year in Cali (Colombia), and should be expected the inclusion of roller hockey.
As all hockey lovers know roller hockey is played in many clubs in Colombia, and the federation is doing an excellent job about hockey promotion, although taking a look on official website of 2013 World Games it's possible to conclude that simply roller hockey is totally ignored in this edition.

The other 3 FIRS sports (artistic roller skating, speed skating and inline hockey) will have competition, so the question is:  
"What's wrong with our hockey, one of the origins of FIRS???!!!".

Reading the history of our sport, the last appearance of roller hockey in World Games was in 2001, in Akita (Japan). There were until now 5 editions where roller hockey took place in a total of 8.  

List of Winners in World Games, Roller Hockey Competition (source: Wikipedia)

This is a good subject to ask each candidate of CIRH Head. What's the plan to include Roller Hockey in World Games? It will be possible to see roller hockey in 2017 World Games in Wroclaw, Poland??

Don't Give up Keep Rolling Together!!!!!!!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Tribute to the Best Roller Hockey Player Nowadays, Jordi Bargalló

As all the other sports roller hockey has players that play it like magicians and can create unique moments each match. After a lot of excellent players, at this moment there's one name, one man that all roller hockey fans agree as Best Roller Hockey Player, JORDI BARGALLÓ!!
Magicocentro and created a wonderful tribute video to show that Bargalló is a "name to remember". This video and the topic Best player of the World, could be a new initiative for Roller Hockey organizations, CIRH, FIRS and continental Confederations. Why not, as all the other sports do at this moment, CIRH and FIRS create an annual award where the best men and women players could be recognize as the best. This could be very important to promote roller hockey.
And now it's time to watch and enjoy!!!

source of video:

Austria still growing

Austria still growing and will organize the 2nd Youth Camp in Villach

Group photo from the roller hockey youth camp 2011

Trainer team of the youth camp 2011
For the second time, after the big success of the 1st Youth Camp (in August 2011) a roller hockey youth camp with the U20 Portuguese national coach Luís Duarte, will take place in Villach, Austria. This event supported by CERH, will take place from 5th to the 11th of August and will have the presence of players from Austria, Switzerland and Germany.

  Since 2010, Rollhockey Club Villach has the goal to train new young players. An important factor to reach this goal was, the fact that roller hockey became a part of the "Neue Mittelschule Auen" (Auen is a part of Villach),  in September, and since then, each Monday a group of 20 pupils play during two hours roller hockey. A year later RC Villach organized the first championship of Villach region, with four teams (Villach I, Villach II, Auen I, Auen II) in Under 15th category. 
Group photo in a primary school
The format of the tournament was like this, because the other clubs in Austria are about 500 kilometers far away, what becomes difficult at this moment  national competitions. Once again, even the big interest of kids to play roller hockey, the staff and the place to play are the biggest problems. Concerning material as we know roller skates are a bite expensive.

RHC Villach I in Regional Championship 2012
 In other hand concerning the place to play at this moment there are two big sport halls, but one of them will be demolished, thus there will be only one hall for all sports in Villach ( at this moment, the first team can only train 2 times and all youth teams can play only 4 times). The entities of the club are sure, that with the right conditions they could have 80-100 players, through visits among the region's schools, and maybe they could introduce roller hockey in other school, becoming possible a school championship. 

Senior Team
Concerning the senior's team, they play in Italian Championship Serie B. At this moment the directors of Villach are trying also that their youth teams can also play in Italy, although it's getting very difficult to reach this objective. The Italian Federation said that Villach must dispute it home games in Italy, in Pordenone (it's about 200 km away from Villach). This situation is not good for the supporters, that just have the opportunity to see the Austrian championship, and it 3 home games.

Until the end of 2012 RHC Villach wants to reach the 1000 Likes mark on Facebook page, so please just click on it :)

More details about RHC Villach also on:

Roller Hockey as an University Sport

Roller Hockey as an University Sport

Flyer of Cup (source:Desporto UP facebook)
All of us, which had the pleasure to study in Universities know about the amount of sports that could be practice, representing our Faculties/Universities. Although our roller hockey doesn't have almost expressive concerning University sport. One of the uniques countries where this is possible is Portugal, but even here it's impossible to compare their power with other sports like football, handball, rugby, athletics...
One of the unique championship each year, is "Torneio dos Campeões". Universidade do Porto organizer of the competition this year, that took place today, in Valongo, near Porto, with 4 men teams and 4 women teams from 5 different universities:
-Universidade do Porto (men and women)
-Universidade do Minho (men)
-Instituto Politécnico do Porto (men and women)
-Associação Académica de Coimbra (men and women)
For more information and stories visit Rolling-Together


Sunday, November 6, 2011

Copa America starts tomorrow in Sertãozinho, Brazil

One more International competition is starting soon, and once again played by Women. After CERH Women's Euro Cup, conquered by Spain, now it's time to decide the American title. From 7th to 12th November, will be disputed in Sertãozinho, Brazil, the 3rd Copa America. After the biggest Copa America edition in 2010, played in Vic, Catalonia, where both sex's were present, again Women's tournament will be separated.             Five teams are expected to compete: Brazil Chile Uruguay Catalonia South Africa It could be difficult to understand somethings about this competition. First of all why Argentina, the actual Champion of this competition, it's not present?? Simple answer...

Friday, November 4, 2011

European Continental Cup ?

By Fernando Castro you want to take part of the discussion join the facebook groupPelo Hóquei em Patins source of photo: hoqueipatins.comVery unfortunate news for roller hockey:As diffused by several websites, the team of HC Liceo should miss the game of tomorrow in Viana do Castelo, against SL Benfica.A "legal" dispute on the interpretation of the cup regulation between club HC Liceo and the organizing body CERH is on the basis of this unattended decision by HC Liceo.SL Benfica assures that the team will be in Viana to dispute the game.If the game is not played, because of HC Liceo missing it, this will be the first time in rink-hockey history that...

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Macau a strange case, and Asia the asleep Continent

Since the beginning of Roller Hockey activity that Asia is one of the worst continents concerning it.There are a lot of reasons for this situation: CARS (Confederation Asia of Roller Sports), presided by Mr. Sheng Zhiguo, doesn't promote and develop roller hockey. CIRH doesn't promote the rising of an Asian Roller Hockey Confederation like happens in Africa and Europe, which would have a main role in our sport. Inline hockey is getting day by day much important, taking Roller Hockey to a second plan Few countries play Roller Hockey, for example in last Asia Cup, only Macau, India, Taiwan and Japan were present (China, North Korea, South Korea, Pakistan, Hong Kong had been played roller hockey years ago). Asian Cup is the unique international...

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Spanish Federation an example in Roller Hockey Management

Spanish Federation Logo (RFEP)One of the big problems in Roller Hockey is their organization inside National Federations. Here in Rolling Together we like to present the best examples to follow in our Sport.Concerning National Federations almost all Roller Hockey fans agree that the Spanish is the best one at this moment, and to prove it, are all the titles conquered in 2011:  CERH European Roller Hockey World Cup U-17   FIRS Roller Hockey World Cup U-20  FIRS Roller Hockey World Cup  CERH European Women's Roller Hockey CupSpain has won all the possible titles in 2011!!!Thus, Spain also has an excellent developed work in both seniors sex's, like in school bases are the best country at this moment.Their Leagues...

Monday, October 31, 2011

A New ERA in Roller Hockey and TV

After many years without Roller Hockey live on TV, seems that situation is changing finally in Portugal and Spain.There are two main reasons to reach this amazing goal for our sport: A big effort by federations together with public and private TV's; Web TV's started to grow and to prove that Roller Hockey still has market. In Portugal the "Primeira Divisão" (Firs Division) was always broad-casted until some years ago, when the Portuguese Roller Sports Federation stopped the agreement with RTP, public TV.However the agreement was renovated again and all the season of  2011/2012 will have at least a match broad-casted at 15:00 (+0 GMT Portuguese Time) all Saturdays. In Spain the agreement was concluded between Spanish Federation and...

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Real Madrid with Roller Hockey Flavor

Pedro Gil starts the match (source: Real Madrid website) Real Madrid has finally a Roller Hockey team??? Not yet...unhappily, but yesterday for the first time in Real's Madrid history a Roller Hockey player started a football match in Santiago Bernabéu. Who could be? Just Pedro Gil, one of the greatest Roller Hockey players nowadays, with one of the best Curriculum's. After a news in a Spanish newspapers, Pedro Gil announced that one of his dreams was to give the first kick in a Real's Madrid match. Due to his uncommon preference for Real (he comes from Catalonia, so almost everybody there supports Barcelona), the club gave him the honor to start yesterday the football match against Villareal....

Spain win World Cup

Monday, October 3, 2011

Final Ranking of World Cup

15-16th South Africa 4 England 7
13-14th USA 5 Netherlands 0
11-12th Colombia 1 Angola 3
9-10th Switzerland 3 Germany 3 (4-3 after e.t.)
Fance 5 Brazil 4
5-6th Chile 0 Italy 4
3-4th Portugal 9 Mozambique 2
1-2nd Argentina 4 Spain 5


Spain won the World Cup for 15th time!


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mozambique surprising the World

Watch the Gold Goal that had qualified Mozambique against the strong national team of Angola

Also the press conference of Mozambique and Angola

Also yesterday San Juan proved to the World why is the Capital of Roller Hockey. Watch this small movie:

The Quarter Finals will be tomorrow with following matches and time (Argentina time +4 UCT):

16,30 Portugal - France
18,00 Brazil - Mozambique
19,30 Spain - Italy
21,00 Argentina - Chile

Don't forget that all the matches have web livestream!!!

Open Ceremony and a Wonderful Show (source of photo: )

San Juan World Cup and the Amazing Work

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

San Juan World Cup and the Amazing Work

 Missing 3 days to the beginning of the biggest Roller Hockey Competition,  the organization of the San Juan World Cup continues to surprise all the Roller Hockey fans. 
Next you can take a look about the design of the mascot, and after for the first time, the installation of a Digital cube in the Aldo Cantoni Arena (place of the World Cup). This cube will allow to all the spectators to see the score, players details (faults, goals...) and video of the goals.

Take a Look!!!


Behind the Estiqui Junior's History

A signal of modernization

Source of photo: San Juan 2011 Organization

Are you Prepared to the World Cup??????
San Juan is waiting for you!!!!!!!

All World news comes from Rolling Together

San Juan World Champs

Monday, September 12, 2011

San Juan World Cup also in Cartoons

The organization of the 40th FIRS World Cup doesn't stop to surprise us. After the song, now it's time to watch a fantastic cartoon, concerning the  mascot of the Tournament Estiqui Jr..

Estiqui Jr. presented to Argentinian Kids (source: World Cup website)
The video presents the passion of the dinosaur for this wonderful sport. During the World Cup in the World Cup Arena, the mascot will be there to support all the national teams, and give more color to the event that everybody is waiting.  

Books on Roller Hockey

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Roller Hockey also present in books

Even in a World dominated by Internet nowadays, Books still have an important place concerning information.
Although there are some books about roller hockey, the situation could be much better. First information is written just in a few languages, and after there are almost any book about technical aspects.
This topic will promote four books:

  • "Campeonatos do Mundo de Hóquei em Patins-Contributos para a História" 
  • "Basic Roller Hockey" 
  • "ABC Roller Hockey"
  • "Roller Hockey Basic Tactics"
The first one is about history of the sport (in Portuguese) and the last three concerns Coaching Manuals (in English).

Book about the history of rink-hockey World Championships

The book about the history of Rink-Hockey World Championships is available at the editor Despertar Memórias.
The book was written by one of the persons that has contributed more to our sport, managing website, blog, databases..., just about roller hockey, Fernando Castro!
The book, with 388 pages, presents all the World Championships A (from 1936 to 2009) and B (from 1984 to 2010), as well as youth and women competitions, with indications of players, goalers, referees, coaches and other relevant informations.

Also, a section for the most relevant countries in rink-hockey is presented, with a list of participating players and some interesting statistics for each country.

Coaching 'Bibles' of Roller Hockey For Sale

For the past 20 years, the NRHA and many clubs including those in Herne Bay and Manchester have subscribed to the three books produced by Ismael Figueiredo: Basic Roller Hockey, ABC of Roller Hockey and Roller Hockey Book of Tactics.

These books will show you how to develop a beginners' basic skills from skating to ball control, to goalkeeping movement. They include great ways to plan your training sessions and how to develop players at the right pace. They show how to develop the players technical as well as tactical abilities and are useful to advanced players too. They also pay great attention to tactics from box/diamond defence to offensive plays. The books hold some of the greatest coaching secrets only the very best contemporary coaches know.

Carlos Amaral, National Coaching Director, bought his new copies on a pen drive for £25 (for all three!!) and you can now do the same for the same price, including post and package and the pen drive. All proceeds will go to burgeoning Maidstone RHC, Please see our club shop for more details.

If you know more books about Roller Hockey feel free to comment the article with them.

World U-20 Championship

Monday, July 25, 2011

2011 FIRS Roller Hockey World Cup U-20 has Countries and Schedule

After sometime waiting for the registration of national teams, the final schedule is already announced.
There will be 15 countries disputing the World Cup title, in Barcelos, Portugal:
  1. Angola
  2. Argentina
  3. Australia 
  4. Austria
  5. Chile
  6. Colombia
  7. England
  8. France
  9. Germany
  10. India
  11. Italy
  12. Portugal
  13. South Africa
  14. Spain
  15. USA

Comparing numbers and also teams presented at the last editions of the Tournament, it's possible to conclude that there were a decreasing of 2 teams from 2009 edition, Uruguay and Netherlands. Furthermore countries like Brazil, Ecuador, Macao, Mexico and New Zealand which played the previous competitions, also will not be in Portugal.

Considering the actual crisis time, it's good to see so many countries, coming from all Continents, but of course that one more country would be excellent to avoid the existence of a group just with 3 countries.

Source of info:

Goodbye Hern Bay Pier Pavilion

Friday, July 22, 2011

Goodbye Herne Bay Pier Pavilion, the “Cathedral of Roller Hockey”

Probably the unique rink over the sea in the World
When Herne Bay’s Grand Pier Pavilion was opened on 1st December 1910, competitive rink hockey was 30 year’s old and there were talented players already in the town. The Herne Bay rink hockey and skating club was formed just over a week later on 10th December 1910. There were competitive matches from the world go with teams from all over the country and Herne Bay winning more often than not. There was a particularly keen rivalry with Faversham’s classy team.
The Kent League (Kent Amateur Rink Hockey Association) was formed on 19th October 1912 being instigated by the team from Canterbury but strangely coming together with just Herne Bay, Rochester and Margate. The Kent League grew well and spread across Kent and into London so that in the 1950’s teams from Alexander Palace and Forest Gate were regular names on the bill at the Pier Pavilion.
Herne Bay quickly became a major venue for international rink hockey picking up where London’s Crystal Palace left off. After the 1914-1918 war European Championships were inaugurated and Herne Bay players took rink hockey to the World playing for England and becoming European Champions time and time again. These tournaments used two alternate venues Herne Bay and Montreux in Switzerland. Herne Bay’s Pier Pavilion had now become the World’s “Cathedral of Roller Hockey”.
Herne Bay and England’s leadership in rink hockey continued until the 1939-1945 war after which there was a sea change in roller hockey. The rink hockey players of Herne Bay continued to be talented and charismatic and the Pier Pavilion was home to many exciting matches and international tournaments but internationally the game had moved on, tactics had changed and players were beginning to become professional. Internationally, the game became dominated by Portugal, Spain and Italy and then Argentina.
The Pier Pavilion was closed for repair and refurbishment but in 1970 this work resulted in the building catching fire and it was destroyed. The replacement building was opened by PM Edward Heath in 1976. There were only 8 rink hockey players left playing in Herne Bay but the sport quickly re-established itself and all three of the local clubs were soon operating to full capacity.
The new building broke away from seaside tradition and was of modern architecture which did not please everybody but it was built to international rink hockey standards and provided excellent spectator facilities. As a result the history of staging international events resumed and Herne Bay is the only place capable of holding international roller hockey (the name has changed from rink hockey in England even though it’s international designation is still “rink hockey”) in the UK.
While the Herne Bay and Herne United clubs were successful in the 1970s and 1980s it was Southsea that had become the Champions of England and who monopolised the England team. It was not until Herne Bay United gained promotion to the Premier League (then called the Superleague) in 1992 and dislodged Southsea in 1993 that Herne Bay once again became the dominant force in English roller hockey. HBU has won the title 16 times in the last 18 years and is challenging to win again in 2010/2011. The final Premier League match against arch rivals Middlesbrough is at the Pier Pavilion on Saturday 4th June and the winner will take all.
On 23rd July, the National Cup Finals will be at the Pier Pavilion and this will mark the end of roller hockey above the sea at Herne Bay after 101 years.
The Pier Pavilion is due to be demolished and roller hockey will transfer to the new arena at Herne Bay High School. International rink dimensions have increased since the Pier Pavilion was built and the new arena is built to the new size with regulation barriers and spectator facilities. Herne Bay has the setting for a new generation of players to come through and keep Herne Bay as the heart of UK roller hockey. With money pressures mounting in the sport throughout Europe it could also provide the opportunity to once more move up the international scale.

Ron Barker 31/5/2011
With acknowledgement to Roger Pout’s book “The Early Years of English Roller Hockey 1885 – 1914”

Tomorrow,23rd July, the National Cup Finals at Herne Bay Pier Pavilion

Schedule of the Tournament
The NRHA Cup Finals is on Saturday 23rd July at the Pier Pavilion Herne Bay and this is for the very last time as it is being demolished in September.
The first Cup Final of the day starts at 10.30am and the last one starts at 4.45pm.
After which the presentations will take place.
We are also having as much Roller Hockey memorabilia as we can get, on display in the Cafeteria by way of a tribute to the Pier.
Anybody wishing to bring items of interest are more than welcome.







Rolling Together Blog wants to show it solidarity with all people of this important German club


All Roller Hockey Community is shocked with a news, coming from Bison in Germany.  As the image shows a fire destroyed all the rink of Sport Club Bison-Calenberg. Rolling Together Blog wants to show it solidarity with all people of this important German (VIDEO)

Uruguay Championship Officially Real!!!!

Logo of participating teams

After some years without official championships, Uruguay it's prepared to roll again. Sponsored by National Federation, it will start this weekend, during 16th and 17th July, in Montevideo, Uruguay Capital.
Like in other countries of the world (e.g. Netherlands) the competition will be host by the different teams that will play almost weekly.
Another important aspect is the inclusion of school bases championship, U-9, U-12,U-15, and women's championship.

A total of 7 clubs are registered to play the biggest Uruguayan competition of last years:
Distribution of teams in Uruguay that will play
  • Albatros from Maldonado
  • CESOPE from Montevideo
  • Platense from Montevideo
  • Golden Wings from Maldonado
  • Pioneros from Flores
  • San Lorenzo from San Jose
  • Pinamar from Canelones

The first team to receive the championship will be CESOPE (Centro Social Peñarol) in Montevideo.

The last official Uruguay Champions was Platense, that won in 2008 the Uruguay League (previous Uruguay Championship).

This is a great news to Uruguay Hockey, after so many problems in other years.
All this was possible mostly due to a big effort done by all clubs, that wanted to Roll Together.  Now it's possible to believe that Uruguay has a way to roll and reach a better future.

I hope to receive all results, news, videos... of this Championship that the Roller Hockey Lovers will follow for sure, with enthusiasm.

Future of Uruguayan Hockey lives here

Rolling Together... the better way to play 
Roller Hockey!!!!!

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