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News Letter

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NZ Teams Traveling to China

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NZ National Team 2017

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The Official Naming of the 2017 National Team

To represent NZ in the World Roller Games to be held in Nanjing China

Head Coach: Rob Vazey

Assistant Coach: Alley Langridge

Manager: Stacey Vazey

Assistant Manager: Angela Signal

Machanic: Troy Bedford


John Bardo  Captain

Tony Deller VC

Russell Clark

Deane Tonkin

Kadin Murray

Nathan Clark

Rohan Singh

Cory Bedford

Greg Brook   Goalie

Kerry Woodthorpe  Goalie

World Roller Games taking place in 2017

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Check out the latest news and information on the World Roller Games Facebook page.

" Attention all NZ Clubs"

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ALL National Team Managers and Coaches positions are available, and any people wanting to apply must apply for positions in writing to the RHNZ for the 2017 season by the 18th November 2016.


All Clubs wanting to hold a tournament in 2017 season must apply to the RHNZ in writing by the 18th November 2016.


Any Clubs wanting to hold the Trans Tasman Cup in 2018, must apply in writing to the RHNZ by the 18th November 2016.

RHOBC Agenda

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Trans Tasman Cup 2016

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2015 National Championships

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NZ Training Camp dates just released:


Venue: New Plymouth


1st Training 19 / 20 March


2nd Training 14 / 15 May


3rd Training 6 / 7 August


Trans Tasman 26-28 August. Held in Auckland