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 Rink Hockey (Quad)

is highly popular and has many names worldwide that mean the same sport. Some common names for Roller Hockey (quad) are: Hóquei em Patins, International Style Ball hockey, Rink Hockey or Hardball Hockey. Roller Hockey was a demonstration rollersport in the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona. There have been many world championships, Latin countries dominating the sport since the 1940s: Portugal (15 World titles), Spain (14 World titles), Italy (4 World titles) and Argentina (4 World titles). Other countries, such as France, Brazil, Germany, Switzerland, Andorra and England are regular international competitors, but rarely overcome the traditional powers.



·         The first recorded Hardball Roller Hockey game was played in 1878 at the in London, England.

·         Roller Hockey was first known as “roller polo” due to the introduction of Polo in 1876, skaters took polo to the rinks.

·         Roller Hockey was introduced into the U.S. in 1882 with the formation of the National Roller Polo League in Dayton, Ohio, with teams in seven cities.

·         Organized roller skating sports developed as the popularity of roller skates increased in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Roller hockey teams were playing throughout Europe as early as 1901

·         The first World Championships in roller hockey were held in 1936 in Stuttgart, Germany.

·         Rink Hockey as it was called in Europe was not organized by the RSROA in the United States until 1959 and named roller hockey

·         Roller hockey was an exhibition sport in the Summer Olympic Games in Barcelona, Spain, in 1992

·         Roller Hockey was played by the famous silent film stars, Stan Laurel and Charlie Chaplin, in the early 1900’s

·         The Pan American games introduced roller skating as a sport in 1979 and debuted roller hockey the same year.

   When and Where

Training: New Plymouth Roller Sports Facility, Monday from 6.45pm

Contact Rohan Singh 027 599 4796

Training: Papatoetoe Roller Sports Facility, Wednesday from 6.30pm

Contact Russell Clark 0274 871 351

Training: Wellington Roller Sports Facility, Wednesday from 6.30pm

 Contact Peter Braddock 0272 492748


Tournaments are held approx. every 6- 8 weeks, venues vary from Papatoetoe in the north to Wellington in the South.




Some Rules of the Game

·         Two teams of players, 5-10 players per team, usually 7 per team.

·         Four floor players and one Goalkeeper per team on the rink at any one time.

·         The Roller Hockey ball can only be played using a Roller Hockey stick, no other part of the player may deliberately play the ball except for goalkeepers.

·         The game is started similar to soccer with two teammates at the centre, one passing the ball to the other after the referee blows the whistle.

·         To substitute a player, the outgoing player must completely leave the rink before the substitute enters the rink.

·         If the ball leaves the rink the opposing team will be awarded a free hit to restart play.

·         Rough or dangerous play is not permitted.


Playing Equipment

·         Roller Skates (preferable) or Inline Skates

·         Shin Pads and Knee Pads

·         Groin Protection and Mouth Guard

·         Elbow Pads (optional)

·         Roller Hockey Stick

·         Roller Hockey Ball (like a cricket ball)


Age Divisions

Roller Hockey is played in age divisions from 5 years to Senior as follows, all ages are as at the 1st of January.


·         Pee Wee Division (U 11)

·         Youth Division (U 16)

·         Senior Women Division (14+)

·         Senior Men Division (17+)

·         Masters Division (if numbers permit) (35+)

 Normally with beginning players we play players within a skill range as opposed to within an age division. Depending upon a number of things, we gradually move players into the correct age group


 Players can join at any time during the year, and often do. Teams and the players in them are fairly fluid as we try to keep them balanced; our capacity to do this depends upon player numbers though. We are always looking for more players and the best method of recruitment is “word of mouth” from a friend or a relative. So if your child enjoys roller hockey maybe some other child you or your child knows will to.

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